Meet Ms. Kim, 

I have over 30 years’ experience working with children and families in military and civilian settings.   Supporting families of young children and professionals who work with young children are my passion.  I am a certified trainer in the Program for Infant and Toddler Care (PITC), a certified Labor Doula, and Professional Life Coach.  As a Professional Life Coach, I am trained in emotional intelligence, spiritual life, meditation, and yoga life coaching, as well as Emotions Mentor Coaching. I understand the importance of early healthy social and emotional development in children, it is the pathway to emotionally healthy adults!

In my work, I have discovered that adults who struggle with their emotions find it difficult to succeed in their personal and professional life.  Sabotaging patterns of behavior developed during childhood often become barriers later in life.  If these patterns are not interrupted, they create harmful effects within the family for generations. 

I help clients work through powerful emotions and sabotaging patterns that are stored deep within the subconscious.  I use proven strategies to help clients recover from disruptive patterns of behavior that tend to prevent personal and professional growth.  


Ultimately, the goal is to help maximize your full potential and reach desired results by destroying generational barriers AND create new ways of  

Thinking and Living Your Best LIFE!!!




"After emotions coaching with Ms. Cephas, I am more confident in who I am and how I feel".

Rebekah H., ECE Student

" With all that is going on the world, I did not want to get sucked in and honestly my methods of coping were not working.   But emotions coaching help me arrive to real answers in my life.  If you are reading this I recommend you start with Ms. Kimberly."

D'Angela C., Entrepreneur

"Life coaching with Mrs. Cephas was overall a great experience. Honestly, I was a little leery about the effectiveness of counseling and life coaching. However, the sessions provided me some tools that help me work thru certain situations. It also helped reveal certain things about me I did not realize. The coaching was very beneficial and is highly recommended". 

Donte C., Mortgage Broker

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