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Early Care Education Professional Development

Program for Infant Care (PITC) - Building Bright Futures

The Pyramid Infant-Toddler Observation Scale (TPITOS) Assessing Children's Progress with Confidence

Developmentally-Driven Learning with Brains and Babies

Pyramid Model for promoting positive social-emotional and behavioral outcomes

CDA Enrollment Open 

2024 Spring Session Webinar (Z00m)

Classes begin

Jan 20 - Apr 20, 2024

Classes meet on Saturdays @ 10 am

**State of Georgia Approved CDA Training 

CDA Course Registration Fee



12 Sessions Included

120-hours of training + Portfolio Support

Child Development Associate  (CDA) 

Spring Term (Jan-Apr)
Summer (May-Aug)
Fall (Sept-Dec)

 Webinar Sessions (Zoom)

 Face-to-face (In-person)  

 Available for  individual scheduling

 120 hours of training & Portfolio Support

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