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Five Things You Can Do Anywhere to Get Your Wits Back

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Part of the "Take Care of Yo'self " Series

It’s not always easy to find time for yourself. As a result, you press on and make excuses. You’ll do it when you “have the time”, as though time will magically appear someday on your schedule. Besides, self-care is often seen as really not that important.

This kind of mindset is based on flawed thinking on two points. First, self-care has to take a lot of time. Second, self-care doesn’t really matter.

The problem is we tend to think of self-care in terms of indulgence. As though a little time out for ourselves somehow translates into partying all weekend, or a trip to the Bahamas. If so, you’re not even close.

Self-care is about doing what’s best for you. It’s doing something to knock a little stress out of your day. So, while fantasy vacations sound great, the reality is much closer to taking a walk in the fresh air or drinking more water, not more alcohol.

Nor does it involve a huge time investment. In fact, you can try any one of these quick tips right now, to make self-care a priority in your life.

Savor the Moment

When was the last time you paid real attention to what you were doing? Take a minute to enjoy this moment right now. If you are eating something, close your eyes and savor the tastes, textures, and flavor upon your tongue. If you are at your desk, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. What do you smell? What do you feel? The world becomes a much more magical place when you start paying attention.

Do Something Nice

There is a huge impact on our mental state every time we do something for someone else. Look for ways to make someone else's world a little bit better. Hold the door open. Randomly pay for a stranger’s coffee. Tiny acts of kindness have a way of instilling positivity into even the worst of days.

Breathe Deep

Feeling a little stressed? Stop whatever you’re doing. Close your eyes. And take several long, slow deep breaths. The act of just breathing will center yourself again and create a circle of calm within yourself. Want to give yourself an extra boost? A drop or two of essential oil can do wonders for changing your mood, energy level, and productivity. Lavender and peppermint are great for just this.

Grab a Compliment

When was the last time someone said something nice about you? Take note of compliments. Write them down. Anytime you need a boost of self-esteem, go back and read over what other people have had to say about you. Enjoy the reminder of just how great you are.

Take a Happy Break

You know you better than anyone else. When you need a pick me up, turn to the tried and true. What makes you happiest? Take a moment to snuggle a pet, recall a favorite memory, talk to a dear friend, or indulge in a favorite hobby. Even a short break doing something you love can change the tone of your day.

With self-care, the key is consistency. Doing something right for yourself today isn’t going to be enough to carry you through for the rest of the month, or even this week. You need to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to practice self-care. The good news? Most of these items are so easy they’ll quickly become habits. This is where the magic happens, where you feel good inside and out, no matter what you’re doing today.

Love in the First Degree,


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