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Life is short, Don't let your love be!

In this current environment we hear things like "this is our new norm", social distancing, wearing mask, and making sure to not touch each other. These may be new things to protect our physical health, but too often we have practiced these things in our lives before now.

Socially we have depended more on technology and obscurity (hiding behind social media) to express ourselves. Stay-at-home orders have placed many of us into forced closed contact with family and isolation from family and friends.

As I reflect on the current global situation, I believe we should take this time to re-connect with each other in real and meaningful ways. Social networking (distancing) can reach beyond walls, borders, and waters.

Let's show the people in our lives how much we love them. Be intentional in our love. Find creative ways to stay connected in the house, as well as, while we're apart during these turbulent times. Bring peace and comfort into our lives by reaching beyond ourselves.

Life is short... So from my house and social media to yours I send love and encouragement!


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